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Out Of My Mind S5 E4

Yeah, there's something wrong with Riley's heart and he doesn't want to get it fixed because he's all insecure about his status with Buffy. BUT, what we're really here for, is the awesome scene, where James Marsters is lit like a GD fantasy.

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4:40 Bubble and Geek candle review 8:39 Buffy’s poor choice in slayer attire 18:08 Spike’s great choice in leisure wear 19:06 Harmony is back has taken up smoking 22:27 And now, a moment to objectify the actor wo plays Ben 25:24 Dawn doesn’t stay in a child’s place 26:20 What is up with Riley’s “home”? 31:00 Buffy, you could at least knock. 35:22 Willow gets lit 37:56 Riley and his insecurities 40:01 We pinpoint the exact moment Riley loses Buffy 40:40 Give it up for the the DP who lit Spike in the Operating room scene 47:42 What was teh fix that Riley needed? 50:23 You love who??

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