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Buffy vs Dracula S5 E1

THE Dracula comes for Buffy, we talk about the disappointment that is Hardwick...oh and Buffy has a SISTER?!

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1:15 Chris Hardwick

12:53 Where Are They Now? Rudolph Martin

16:44 Joyce has some loose house rules

23:10 Who arranged for this delivery?

36:45 Spike shows up!

41:47 How hard did Dracula actually look for Buffy?

1:00:38 Buffy has a sister?!

1:03:16 Freddie Prinze Jr trivia

Got questions, comments or just general nerd gushing? Leave us a voicemail message at 412-385-7250 or record an mp3 file, less than 1 min, and email it to RevisitingSunnydale@gmail.com. We may play it on the air!

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