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Season 4 Wrap Up!

Let's get into it. We are wrapping up a lot of our feelings about season 4. Complete with episode rankings, our favorite couples and an interview with one of the authors of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Slayer Stats, Simon Guerrier!

Even after we spot an error in the book, Simon talks with us about how the book came about, Americans doing British accents, his favorite episodes and characters, Star Wars, representation in Sunnydale and so much more.

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We talk about:

2:52 Kahmeela is mad at Donnie Wahlberg, Marcella is mad at Jason Momoa, and both are side eyeing Jeff Goldblum

17:23 Wrap up starts

19:00 When did Riley actually start paying attention to Buffy?

22:58 Get a job!

27:30 Scoobies growing up

30:24 Willow’s addictive behavior

32:28 What was Maggie’s end game?

34:32 Interview with Simon Guerrier

1:24:43 Episode rankings

1:35:53 Favorites

Got questions, comments or just general nerd gushing? Leave us a voicemail message at 412-385-7250 or record an mp3 file, less than 1 min, and email it to RevisitingSunnydale@gmail.com. We may play it on the air!

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