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The Freshman S4 E1

It's season 4!! Our Scoobies are growing up and learning new life lessons and, oh...hi Riley.

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In this episode...

  • Our freshman year in college

  • April Ipsy

  • April Allure

  • April Geek Fuel

  • Who is french braiding Buffy’s hair?

  • Finding your footing in college

  • Don’t go to parties where “girls drink for free”

  • Willow is blossoming

  • Oh. Hi, Riley.

  • A bit of foreshadowing about Buffy’s mom

  • Sunday and her degenerate gang.

  • What is Sunday’s backstory?

  • So Giles, you just gonna act like you didn't just have sex?

  • We forgot to mention Pedro Pascal, who got hot and went on to Games of Thrones!

What did you think of "The Freshman"? Tell us your horror roomate stories! Please, let us know! Leave us a voicemail message at 412-385-7250 or record an mp3 file, less than 1 min, and email it to RevisitingSunnydale@gmail.com. We may play it on the air!

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