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Lie To Me S2 E7

Buffy’s grade school crush comes to Sunnydale and sets up a Lonely Ones Clubhouse with dreams of getting fangs of his own.

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What comes up:

  • January Birchbox

  • Jason Behr has always had an old man forehead.

  • Boreanez looks to be wearing more pale makeup and red lips than usual

  • A lot of jealousy flying around in this ep.

  • Support Spike. Get James at more conventions.

  • What exactly did that angry mob do to Dru??

  • Buffy is supposed to be Willows friend. Why doesn't she ever tell her about her sweaters?

  • One season wonders

  • That one time I went to a male strip show

  • Men in drag

  • Anthony Stewart Head as Frankenfurter

What did you think of "Lie To Me"?

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