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Never Kill a Boy On The First Date S1 E5

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Join us, as we chat about Buffy's crush, Owen, Birchbox, Skypagers and get caught in a Magic Mike K hole.

In this Episode:

  • November Birchbox

  • Buffy starts punning

  • Who is on The Master’s laundry game?

  • Brood Off! Owen vs Angel

  • Skypagers

  • Tweety Bird watch is never a good idea.

  • SALTY GOODNESS?!?! I just got that. Gross.

  • The music of BTVS.

  • Switched at Birth, scary movies, Empire and Magic Mike

  • Joe Manganiello and his Pittsburgh accent.

  • SMG was an extra in 'She's All That'.

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